6 Herbs To Repel Mosquitos Instantly

Mosquitos are a major annoyance to our everyday lives, especially in the summer months. Nobody wants red bumps on their bodies from the bites of mosquitos nor does anyone want the diseases that mosquitos carry either. Some of the terrible diseases that mosquitos carry are yellow fever, malaria, and dengue fever. These are all very harmful diseases and can cause major pain to the human body. Another mosquito fact is that the females are the ones to bite. Males do not bite humans and stick to the nectar of flowers. Females, on the other hand, need to drink the blood to reproduce. Luckily, to stop this, there is lots of herbs that can be used to keep those female mosquitoes away.


Marigolds are beautiful fluffy flowers that have a bright color of orange, deep red, or yellow. The only downside of marigolds is their stench. The stench is not horrible for humans, but to mosquitos they are disgusting. You can utilize the marigolds by planting them around the house. You can plant them are all around the perimeter of your house, around doorways, or around major hang-outs in the yard.


Eucalyptus has a very strong smelling yet pleasant odor that many people have utilized through the years. You can find this herb in lotions, bath bombs, candles, or essentials oils. It is put into many stress relief lotions and is loved by many people. On the other hand, it is hated by mosquitos. Since eucalyptus is in many products, it is easy to utilize to keep the blood-suckers away. Apply a eucalyptus lotion to your skin before you go out or use the oil as a spray. Given the strong smell of this plant you should not have mosquitos pestering you.


Citronella is one of the most well-known herbs to use against mosquitos. It is a superbly potent herb that has a pleasant smell when applied to the skin or in the garden all the while keeping the bugs away as well. Citronella is a visually appealing plant that grows like a clump of grass. You can plant it in a pot, if you prefer, and place it on your porch for easy access. Whenever you want to apply some to you skin simply grab a leaf, crush, and rub it on the skin. The smell is soothing and good for your body whilst keeping you from any bug bites.


An amazing multi-purposeful herb is basil. Basil can be eaten, worn, or just left as is. In all states, it is going to keep the mosquitos away. This herb is amazing in that you do not need to crush it to smell it. This is useful when the plant is put into a pot or in the ground. Without having to crush it, you will be able to leave it out anywhere you do not want mosquitos.


When choosing your herbs, add rosemary to the list. Rosemary gives off smells that mosquitos can’t stand! This plant can also be left in a pot to release smells or if you take a few stocks and throw them into your bon-fire, it will also deter the bugs. Burning the plant gives off an incense to keep any bugs from biting.


Lastly, catnip also has a naturally bad smell to keep bugs away. This plant even grows wild like a weed. Some people are lucky enough to have it in their yards working to keep mosquitos from biting people. This herb can also be found in many stores, so if you are not lucky enough to have it in your yard naturally, there is still another option for you.

Utilizing any one of these herbs as a mosquito repellent is a smart choice. It is not worth getting any one of the many possible sicknesses from mosquitos. Not only can you avoid sickness but you can also save lots of money. If you are very active outdoorsy individual, then you probably wear a lot of insect repellent. To save money from buying bottles and bottles of bug spray, simply plant these herbs and save the money. Herbs are very cheap and easy to maintain. Along with the lovely prices of herbs, you can save yourself from applying harmful chemicals to your body from bugs sprays. Bug sprays have numerous amounts of chemicals that you can’t even pronounce, so why put it on? Use these herbs and you will not regret it!

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