4 “Survival Weeds” That Are Actually Good For You

When out in the woods or struggling to make ends meet, knowing what you can eat out in nature can help you in leaps and bounds. Every day in your yard you are probably picking numerous amounts of weeds that you can be eating. There are many weeds that grow in yards, of thousands of people, that are safe to eat, free, and become an asset rather than a hassle. Those common, easy identifiable weeds are dandelions, goosefoot, plantains, and stinging nettles.


Dandelions are one of the most easily identifiable weeds out there. Pretty much all houses with grass have dandelions growing in their yard and the plant’s bright yellow flowers are an easy identifier. Many people also kill this plant, pluck them out of the ground, and throw them away. When in actuality, dandelions are actually very good for you! The plant has vitamins such as A, C, and K. They also contain iron, calcium, manganese, and potassium. Not only can you eat the leaves but you can also eat the roots and flower heads. Pick them mainly when young as they will not be as bitter.


Goosefoot, or also called lambs quarters, is another easily identifiable plant that has rigid edges on the leaves and a light powder on the underside of the leaves. This weed contains lots of vitamin C and vitamin K and A. The easiest way to eat these weeds is by lightly sautéing them. It will have a nice nutty and earthy flavor. After being cooked it will resemble spinach. The flavor is not at all offensive and will probably be your favorite edible weed.


Plantains grow in numerous amounts almost just as much as dandelions do. This plant grows in a circular shape as does dandelions and has green seed heads that spring up through the middle. This plant for years has been used for many health problems such as ulcers, kidney stones, and influenza. You can use both the leaves and seed heads for tea or eat the leaves in a salad when young.

Stinging Nettles

Stinging nettles are as the name suggests a very sharp plant. It is easily identifiable with its sharp, tiny hairs that cover the whole plant. It also has fuzzy white flowers. You can also eat all parts of the plant such as the roots, stems, and leaves. It works the same way as spinach but remember to never eat the plant raw as it has needles. The needles will come off when cooking and not agitate you. This plant has also been used for many years for such problems as muscle pains, gout, eczema, and anemia.

Any of these weeds can be found in the woods or yards of many. They are also easily identifiable allowing you to feel more secured in what you are about to eat. Next time you go out into the yard to pick weeds, hopefully you will be eating them instead of throwing of them out.