Top 5 Tricks To Protect The Homestead

Why have a homestead just to let someone take it over? I know how many hours, days, and even years it takes to build a successful homestead. I would not want some lazy bandit with a gun to just walk into my homestead like he just won the lottery.


If you are a pacifist prepper, good luck to you. This is geared to preppers like me that want to protect their family members at all cost. Don’t come visit me once the SHTF unless you want to barter, and I know you. That would be the best option for all.


#1: Have the proper firepower, and everyone 6 yrs and older should be skilled shooters. My siblings and I knew how to shoot our long guns as early as 6 yrs of age. My sister would shoot bumble bees with her pellet gun while in flight. I used to shoot the flames off of birthday candles while standing with my 22. I think you get the picture. Train, train, train. Having all the guns means nothing without having the skill to use them.


#2: Have you run scenarios? Practice all sorts of family drills from home invasions to hand-to-hand combat. The wildest and weirdest things you can think of should be practiced. Obvious common sense should be used. Don’t use live ammo while practicing in your home.


We use airsoft guns and the proper facial protection to keep training safe. Some extreme measures should be used with your real firearms like dipping your firearm in molasses to simulate blood. Your firearm will be much harder to handle in this manner. Use extreme caution when drilling in this way because you can easily discharge your weapon unexpectedly. Also try using one hand, pretending the other is unusable.


#3 Don’t put up a fence that blocks your view from approaching attackers. People that use wood fences that block all view, automatically, give the bad guys concealment to get close. If you want a fence, use chain-link. This will slow people down, and when the SHTF, you can install some razor wire on top.


#4 I’m a fan of thorny blackberry bushes. I have surrounded most of my property with thorny berry bushes. I also put them under all my first-floor windows to keep out prying eyes. This is cheap security, and if you ever tried making your way through a thorny berry bush, you know you would be a sitting duck for any property owner. The berries also make great wine, juice, jams, and jellies. One bush can give as much as 10 lbs of berries a season.


#5 Dogs are great alarms. Large dogs are a hindrance in the SHTF environment. Sure, a large dog is intimidating, but it eats more that you can supply in that situation. Small dogs eat less and bark more, most of the time. In an end of the world scenario, dogs are used as alarms for the most part. It’s easier to feed and water one or 2 small dogs while accomplishing the same alarm system as a large dog would, only the large dog takes in more resources.  If you are on the move, having to scale fences or buildings, a small dog can be up in a sack or back pack. Large dogs just won’t be able to go where you might have to go.


Protecting the homestead should be a top priority and not put off for a later date. Start today and build up on the time you spend on security. It’s a prep that needs to be done: just like canning or stocking up ammo.

  • leveraction

    I agree with most of what you said and recommend. However, when it comes to small dogs I say NO. Ankle biters do bark,. Yes and they bark non-stop most of the time at any noise and wake you from sleep and are mainly just a nuisance. Always under your feet and possibly tripping you. I will keep my Big Dogs who roam the farm, watch and guard the livestock and protect us all at the same time. You can also can home made dog food and store dog food the same as the hay for the livestock, grain for the chickens, and food for the family, etc….