Best Survival Water Sources

Water is something that humans can never live without. It does not matter where you are, who you are, or what situation you are in; you are going to need water! When out in the wilderness finding a proper water source to drink from is a challenge. If you choose the wrong source of water to drink from it could cause diseases like Cholera, Guinea worm disease, and Dysentery. It is important to look for signs of safe drinking water and ways in which to filter the water so that you will not get any harmful diseases.

Safe Water Sources

Collecting Rain Water

When out in the wilderness and if you need to collect some water, collecting rain water is a great idea. Rain is a fairly safe source from which you can drink and to collect the water is easy. If you have a container or something you can hold the water in, set it out for the rain to fill. If you have a tarp, connect the sides to trees and place something heavy in the middle. The water will collect in the center with the heavy object and this is where you can get your water from.

Bodies of Water

Deciding from which bodies of water to drink from can be a hard decision if you are unsure. Bodies of water include lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, and oceans. One of the first things that should stick out when choosing a water source is its movements. Look for bodies of water that are moving. Any still bodies of water will have bacteria and cause a greater chance of catching a disease. Ponds and lakes do not have constantly moving water so this could be a more unsafe choice. Another body of water to stay away from is sea water! Never drink from the ocean! The sea water will only dehydrate you and not help in the least.

A river is safer to drink from than a pond and lake. The river can contain pollutants but if it’s between a river, pond, or lake, choose a river. The best body of water from which you can drink is a stream. A stream is constantly moving and this is something you really want from a water source.

Plant Transpiration

Transpiration of a plant is when the water the plant soaks through it roots, run up to the leaves and then evaporate into air. The trick to get drinkable water out of this is to trap the water before evaporation. To do so, early morning, tie a bag to a branch with leaves on it and place a rock into the bag. The water will collect in the bag and drinkable water will be at your fingertips.

Ways to Filter Water


Boiling water is one of the safest ways to kill bacteria in the water you collect. Simply put the water into a heatable container and boil for ten minutes. You could also place rocks, heated for thirty minutes, into a container holding water; this will also kill the bacteria.

Purification Straws

The straws are a great way to quickly purify the water you are drinking. If you are drinking from a body of water such as a stream or river this straw is a great option that will leave you feeling more comfortable in your decision.

Purification Tablets

These tablets are another quick and safe way to go when drinking from any water source. When you are camping or trying to survive in a bad situation these can save your life and make drinking water a whole lot easier.

Water is a necessity of life. If you are out in the wilderness, you are going to need water and finding the right way to purify or source from which to drink can be hard. Now knowing what to do can put you more at ease. If you are going into the outdoors, especially for prolonged durations, bring a bag full of essentials. In that bag put everything you need to collect and purify water. Bring either or both a purification straw and purification tablets. Also bring a container that can be heated to boil the water. If you have nothing and are in a life and death situation just drink the water. Try to make the best decisions from where to drink from, but if you are in a life-death situation, drink the water. It could give you the one or two more days you need to get back to safety.