10 Items Every Bug Out Bag MUST Have

When in a situation where you need to get out as soon as possible it is important to have a bug out bag ready to go. A bag out bag is basically a bag containing only the necessities that you need in order to survive for a couple of days. You do not want an overabundant number of items in your pack due to the pack becoming too heavy and slowing you down. You also do not want to under pack and overlook essentials. Whether there is a doomsday situation or you are just going out into the woods, it is important to prepare a pack for emergencies. There are a few items that you will want to put into your pack. All these items will aid in ensuring you survival and give you more control in a crazy situation.

Toilet Tissue

Toilet tissue is the number one item you will never regret bringing. It is inevitable that any human will need to go to the bathroom, and you will not want to use leaves to clean up, even if you are lucky enough to have leaves. Another benefit to toilet tissue is its light weight. Toilet tissue is not heavy but remember to not bring too much of it, as it does take up space. I would advise to take two roles. For one person that would probably last at least three days.

Means of Purifying Water and Water Bottle

Water is human beings best friend, without water we die. In your bug out bag, pack one small bottle of water. By having a bottle full of water already you will be set for the day giving you time to look for a water source. Once you find a reasonably clean and moving water source you will need means of purifying the water. To purify the water also pack water purification tablets and a purification straw. Both these items are great to bring for means of killing harmful bacteria and keeping you alive.


If you are lost in the woods and have your bug out bag, you are going to want to have a flare. A flare will give you the ability to signal for help. A flare is very noticeable and can really save your life. Try to utilize the flare in a place that is clearly noticeable and open.

Some Type of Fire Starter

Fire is another age-old necessity of life. Fire is what we use to cook, purify, keep bugs/animals away, and keep warm. Bring a fire starter for sure! A fire starter gives you that magic spark you need and it would also be a great idea to have a flammable material. Bring charcoal cloth, wood shavings, or cotton balls with petroleum jelly on them.


Besides water, food is another substance we need to survive. Without food, no one will last long in any type of bad situation. When choosing foods to bring with you keep in mind that you don’t want to have to grab something out of your fridge or pantry when you need to bug out. Bugging out means getting out quickly, so have your food packed already. The food you bring is also important in that you want to choose foods that last a long time and are not quickly perishable. Some good ideas for food items are a mix of dried fruit and peanuts, granola bars, freeze dried meals, and beef jerky. Any of these foods are very light and can keep you going giving you the energy needed to survive.

First Aid Kit

Even if you are one of the best survivalist out there it won’t matter if you do not treat an injury and it ends up getting infected. The infection can then lead to you getting ill and possibly dying. You do not want this to occur, so bring a basic first aid kit. Again, choose a kit that is small but has everything you may need to treat a basic injury at least.

Spare Clothes

Another basic commodity that we need is clothing. Do not put your whole drawer of clothes into your bug out bag, but only a spare outfit. Consider your local climate and terrain where you will be bugging out to.


Having paracord is one of the best items you can put into your bug out bag. Paracord has numerous uses; for examples securing tents or tarps. Paracord is also not heavy and takes up little space. This is an item you will never regret bringing.


A knife is a tool that never goes out of style in the woods. The knife of your choice will help you with many tasks such as protecting yourself, making some sort of shelter, and hunting/gathering.


The last essential item is a container of some sort. This may seem like an odd or basic item but in order to cook, purify water, collect food, or collect water, you are going to need a container. Choose a reasonably sized container that does not weigh a lot. It is also a good idea to choose a metal container that you can heat over a fire. This is a basic item but will make all the difference in a survival situation.

Each of these items you are going to want to put into your bag out bag. When attaining all these items it is important to keep in mind to pick the lightest and most versatile items. You won’t get far with a heavy pack. Luckily, with these items in your bug out bag, you are sure to have a promising bug out experience.

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    Don’t forget a GUN & AMMO!